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"Takamol Holding" is a government corporation operating under the umbrella of the Ministry of Labor, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Takamol is working towards creating a better Saudi labor market by launching sustainable projects and activating partnerships between the public and private sector. Takamol Holding operates within a matrix of governmental institutions and corporations functioning under the umbrella of the Ministry of Labor. This system of inter-dependent business models seeks to advance all aspects of the Saudi labor market, by virtue of its integrated activities and objectives

Be a catalyzing force for the public and private sectors to achieve a significant and lasting impact on the Saudi labor market.
Develop comprehensive solutions boosting national employment and serving the needs and aspirations of all players on the labor market. Facilitate implementation by mobilizing private sector competition and focused public sector support.
  1. Collaboration
  2. Transparency
  3. Innovation
  4. Citizen-centricity
  5. Independence
  6. Pro-activeness

About Aspiring Minds

Aspiring Minds is a pioneer in the space of scientific assessments, talent benchmarking and scalable acquisition of talent. AM `s state of the art assessment tools have been used by industry to help recruit the right people, develop profile-wise employability benchmarks and by educational institutions for skill and employability assessment.

The assessments are based on item response theory and are adaptive, which allows accurate statistical measurement. The tools also include a host of simulation-based tools such as automatic assessment of spoken English and computer programming. While the recruitment solutions help eliminate biases and subjectivity in hiring decisions, AM`s talent benchmarking efforts have helped unravel key skills required for success in particular roles and our innovative sourcing has helped large corporate recruit 1000s efficiently.

A strong in-house research and development team with alumni from IIT (India) and MIT (USA) form the development back bone of our patent pending assessment tools. Aspiring Minds products and solutions have been adopted by more than 800 employers and 3000 educational institutions.

Aspiring Minds' vision is to bring credible and genuine assessment to various aspects of education, training and employment. Aspiring Minds strives to help institutions and companies from choosing the 'right' individual rather than the 'best' individual.


Skill Saudi Arabia - `Skill Saudi Arabia` program is a part of the larger SVS (Skill Verification System) initiative of TakaMoL, a Ministry of Labour, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia entity. The program uses a suite of business and online solutions to assess and certify skills & competencies amongst

  1. Foreign talent seeking new employment opportunities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  2. Expat workforce in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia aspiring for better opportunities or career progression

The program aims in helping some of leading employers in KSA looking for skilled workforce to consider bench-marked talent coming through the Skill Saudi Arabia program.

With this vision, Aspiring Minds in collaboration with TakaMol has developed a unique assessment and certification program to assist employers evaluate the skills & competencies of expatriate population for various job roles. The employers get the benefit of locating & sourcing skilled talent from across geographies spread across several nations.

The 'Skill Saudi Arabia' program has been built over Aspiring Minds proven assessment framework for vocational trades and confirms to Global Occupational Standards. To ensure reach and accessibility for candidates across these geographies the Skill Saudi Arabia program leverages latest Cloud & mobile technologies and is available in multiple languages.


Corporate Enquiry

Companies interested in scheduling bulk assessments for applicants, please reach us at skillsaudi@aspiringminds.com